My Story

Born in Resplendor a small city of the State of Minas Gerais in Brazil, were I lived only 3 months, grew up in Nova Iguaçu in Rio de Janeiro and studied at the Rangel Pestana Institute of Education for all my first and second grade education.

A girl always very dreamy, sensitive, loved poetry, theatre and music, I always wanted to help people in some way. My values ​​have always been based on solid structures and convinced that the next one should be respected exponentially.

My academic choices of studies always been oriented to help others, begins with the course of Physiotherapy, aspiration for Medicine when I triumphal encounter with Psychology.

Love at first sight would take me on my journey without ever returning to meet the unknown. The unconscious Studies and Discoveries about the Human Mind.

Graduated in Psychology and Postgraduate degree from Pontifica Catholic University (PUC). I become a specialist in Family, couples and Relationships.

Concluding my studies on, Fundamentals of Neuroscience at HarvardX

Today, I dedicate my studies to families living outside Brazil, the difficulties of being an immigrant and cultural differences as a challenge for the family.

Writing about Parenting: The Son’s view of Parent Conjugation, the Effects of Divorce and the Place of Family Therapy.

Author and completely responsible for my life, I continue with my purpose of adding in the lives of people with my knowledge.


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