Sayonara Psicologa

How’s Your Family Going?

When we are asked: “How’s Your Family Going?”, consciously or unconsciously,


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When we’re asked: “How’s Your Family Going?” we, consciously or not, activate a series of signals that were imprinted in our emotional constitution since birth.

The psychologist and specialist in families and couples Sayonara Machado addresses the questions related to parenthood, conjugality and family relationships in this book, revisiting scientific research that explains, among other things:

· How the Brazilian family evolved over the times
· Reasons for some problems between couples
· Perception of our children about their parent’s separation
· The importance of family and couple therapy

In a time where the importance of relationships is valued in all aspects and even more people set out to search for emotional health, this book contributes for the understanding of the origin of various emotional obstacles and wants you, the readers, to start seeking for adequate solutions to your family problems.


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